Pinery Provencial Park

March 22, 2016 21:41 – 21:41

A friend and I visited the Pinery Provencial Park today. We’d planned to drive north to the Bruce Peninsula National Park, but were deterred by the forecast of 0C and snow. By heading west, we managed to dodge the snow (and rain) and were rewarded by 12C.

The park was nearly deserted. Our first stop was the beach on Lake Huron. Because the park was nearly deserted, I was surprised when these three guys came bounding down the hill onto the beach.

The sky was very overcast, but the rain held off until after we left. Here’s the view to the north:

And here’s the view to the south.

I’m told that the beach was still very icy just a few weeks ago. Today, here’s all the ice that was left.

I heard a lot of birds, but few were visible. I did see several black-capped chickadees, though.

The Old Ausable Channel (a tributary to the Ausable River) runs through the park. Here are a couple of views of it.

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