About the author

These are the scattered thoughts of Herb Tyson, whom I happen to be. For less scattered thoughts, visit my blatantly commercial main web page, http://www.herbtyson.com and buy a book or two. For questions about the Word 2007 Bible and Word 2010 Bible visit my Technical Blog.

I don’t advertise this blog. So, if you happened upon it, it must’ve been through searching for something. I use this blog for a couple of things. First and foremost, it’s for my own pathetic amusement. If you aren’t amused, then be grateful that you aren’t as pathetically and easily amused as I am.

Second, it’s an amnesia insurance policy. I’m tired of doing XYZ and then not being able to remember it a month later. So, this blog acts as the proverbial string tied around my finger. Of course, so do my other blogs. Yes, that might create a bind later when I inescapably find myself trying to remember which string I tied my finger around. Or, something like that. But, so be it.

Third, I might occasionally use this blog to present data analysis. I am, after all, a licensed data analysis. Okay, well, except for the licensed part. But, I spent about 40 years being a quantitative sociologist and a labor economist. While I’m probably retired, the urge to analyze sometimes rears its ugly head, and this blog lets me vent.

Fourth, I might sometimes use this blog–along with my  Technical Blog–to wax technically about computers or software, or to share a solution or a discovery that merits wider attention.

And finally, I use this as my travelbog. I’ve used a few others in the past. But, now that I can use Word to post pictures, this is the perfect tool for publishing combinations of text and photos to the internet. Since this is all done on my own web site, that means that someone else can’t pull the plug and leave me high and dry.

So, if you find some of what I say useful or entertaining, great. If not, then even better. I’d certainly hate to be giving away something useful or entertaining. If that sounds contradictory, then please refer back to the first paragraph. The operative word is scattered. And, I can scat with the best of them. No, wait…